Plan for people who want to have their own home, this plan gives anyone the possibility through savings and the good financial investment that GRUPO JIF can give them through their investment instruments to obtain their own home. This plan aims in the medium term to have the necessary cash to buy the house. And additionally apartments, beach house, etc., but they want to obtain these goods so that the return on their savings pays for these goods, so in the end they will have the properties and the money from their savings.

Plan aimed at people who want to have a better return on their savings or investments which they will not obtain in banks and cooperatives.


  1. Unattachable money.
  2. Most competitive interests in the market.
  3. Security since all investments are backed by real guarantees.
  4. Business guarantee in payment of interest and principal.
  5. Investment management covered by insurance policy, for greater security.
  6. Probate beneficiaries in the event of death, therefore significant savings as the investor has no expenses in the event of death. the investor can additionally decide the way his investment is delivered: a single payment, partial payments over time, only interest and principal delivery when testamentary beneficiaries meet a certain age or condition given by the investor.
  7. Capitalization of interests in case the investor requires it.

Interest table

Colones investment

1 month3%
1 < 3 months4%
3 < 6 months5,5%
6 months < 1 year6,5%
1 year12%
2 years13%
3 years13,5%
4 years13.75%
5 years14%

**Annual percentages

Dolar Investment

1 month1%
1 < 3 months1.5%
3 < 6 months2%
6 months < 1 year3%
1 year10%
2 years10.50%
3 years10.75%
4 years10.85%
5 years or longer11%

**Annual percentages

Plan for people who want to open a trust for the study of their children in the future, leave the assets and finances of their family in order, buy a vehicle, take a trip, have a complementary pension to suit them, all this so that their savings achieve these goals in the shortest possible time and with the best possible dividends.

Directed those people who obtain their last labor income by liquidation, Labor Capitalization Fund, etc., and want to have peace of mind in their next years.