Grupo JIF Soluciones aims to protect the interests of our clients, through innovative and responsible legal advice in commercial matters, for national and foreign companies and corporations operating inside and outside of Costa Rica at:
● Commercial Companies such as: Public Limited Companies, Limited Liability, among others (Constitution and modification of companies)
● Trusts
● Preparation of guarantees such as garments, leasing and mortgages.
● Joint Venture contracts, outsourcing, franchising, factoring, assignment of credits, lease agreements.
● Preparation of any contract of a commercial nature.
● Sale, Mergers and Dissolutions of companies
● Due Diligence “or Due Diligence process

Due Diligence “or Due Diligence process

At Grupo JIF Soluciones we know that intellectual property rights have a strategic value for the development of any project, that’s why we cover the services of:
● Trademark registration
● Commercial Names
● Invention Patents
● Copyright
● Protection of undisclosed information.

In Grupo JIF Soluciones we havea specialized team in the development of Civil processes such as:

  • Ordinary demands
  • Bankruptcies and insolvencies
  • Possession information
  • Preparation of contacts of a civil or private natura
  • Non-contractual liability
  • Evictions

In Grupo JIF Soluciones we have extensive experience in various legal proceedings in the field of family law, such as:
● Marriages
● Divorce (either by mutual consent or Judicial).
● Pensions, incidents of recession or increase, exclusions, among others
● Recognition of a minor child, challenge of paternity and more.
● Visiting regime

Grupo JIF Soluciones has lawyers with solid experience and knowledge of labor law. Since its foundation, it has offered consulting services that have allowed it to successfully organize its companies and effectively resolve disputes that eventually arise in labor matters. Services in this area:
● Drafting and review of individual contracts
● Advice on sensitive matters in the worker-employer relationship
● Advice on the termination of labor relations. (Layoffs)
● Legal advice and accompaniment in the different judicial and administrative instances in defense of the rights of our clients
● Legal advice on alternative dispute resolution
● Calculation of economic extremes and contingencies arising from labor relations
● Accompaniment for the development of workplace policy manuals

In Grupo JIF Soluciones we carry out procedures and advisory services of the Notary and Registry Law, such as:
● Issuance of certifications of personality and social capital.
● Preparation of minutes of assemblies of partners and protocols.
● Transfer or donation of goods whether vehicles, property, machinery, among others.
● Notarial acts.
● Perpetual Memories.
● Wills,
● Notarial track stores
● Preparation, modification and cancellation of garments, leasing and mortgages
● Segregation of properties
● Guarantee Trusts, Administration and others.

At Grupo JIF we have highly experienced personnel in everything that is real estate relations in Costa Rica. We have services in these areas:
● Property Titles Review (Real Estate Due Dilligence)
● Uses of soil.
● Counseling in negotiation and formalization.
● Purchase and Real Estate Mortgage.
● Real Estate Leasing.
● Appraise.
● Construction Permits.
● Financial Structuring (Trusts and other modalities)
● Co-investment and Association.
● Administration of real estate and companies with real estate.
● Notarial Services.

In Grupo JIF Soluciones we have a wide range of lawyers specialized in criminal processes capable of dealing with criminal and transit processes that hinder the daily development of their lifestyle, both personally and in corporate development, among which we offer:
● Complete advice in the filing or Answer of Complaints, Complaints and Civil Compensation Actions
● Defense in complaints filed against companies or their employees
● Attention of the Fleet Vehicles of the companies
● Complete advice in the attention of judicial processes related to traffic accidents.

The main thought of Grupo JIF Soluciones is that a company with a solid financial structure will undoubtedly have better opportunities for growth and competitiveness in the market. For this, your business requires tools related to the market, as well as tips for its continuous growth:

● Business restructuring, bankruptcy or insolvency.
● Patrimonial protection
● DUE DILIGENCE in company acquisition.
● Garment
● Financial or operational leasing:
● Trusts
● Mortgages
● Factoring
● Capital Management
● Opening bank accounts
● Agreements and resolution of conflicts with financial and government institutions.

Grupo JIF Soluciones has a highly specialized team in all types of collections that allows it to give its clients from the judicial, real estate and financial division, the security that their money will be recovered, with their respective interests and costs of the process, through the processes of:

● Administrative Collection (after going to judicial instances, through specialized negotiation and investigation)
● Mortgage and Pledge Foreclosures.
● Cash Monitors.
● Sentence Executions.
● Pre-emptive seizures and asset annotations.
● Execution of Guarantee Trusts.
● Grupo JIF Soluciones also grants legal advice to the person or company that is suffering from a judicial collection against them, because from our experience we know the ways to avoid a process when possible, avoid greater patrimonial consequences and reach agreements that avoid greater financial and emotional wear of the debtor.

Grupo JIF Soluciones has a team prepared to advise its clients in the structuring of their patrimony in order to preserve their unity and economic value in life and also in the prevention of an unexpected fatality of a death. Our services in this area include:
● Advice to prevent commercial or judicial conflicts from diminishing their assets.
● Advice on wills, estate planning, testamentary trusts or testamentary clauses.
● Creation of partnerships to manage family and commercial assets.
● Donations with limitations of disposition.
● Administration trusts.

At GRUPO JIF SOLUCIONES we know that every natural or legal person must have their tax area in order to be able to advance in any business, that is why we give them the

advice and advice to obtain the best possible results. Grupo JIF helps them in:

1. Extensive or intensive processes. (Tax audits).

2. Presentation of material and informative tax returns.

3. Calculations of Tax Payments. (Principal, interest and penalties)

4. Help to apply tax compensation, decrease payment of tax penalties and interest.

5. Consultations with the tax administration.

6. How to calculate the different taxes that your business can be subject.

7. Aid to foreign companies for adaptation

At GRUPO JIF SOLUCIONES we know that SMEs are the heart of the economy, but that they use the legal tools to succeed, which is why Grupo JIF helps them in:

1. Incorporation of companies

2. Registration of companies in the Ministry of Economy to enjoy tax benefits and Other advantages of being a registered SME.

3. Registration and protection of trademarks.

4. Purchase or sale of key rights

5. Advice on Tax Matters.

6. Labor procedures.